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How much does SiteApex cost?
There is no cost for a standard SiteApex installation. For optional modules such as Shop Cart, there is a one-time setup fee. Your budget can be invested 
solely on customizations such as design, page layout, search engine optimization ...

Is there an ongoing cost?
Like any web site, there is a monthly hosting fee, generally starting from $29.95/month depending on the package selected.

Are email accounts included?
Email acccounts are included with your hosting fee (for example, 10 email accounts are included with the Intro Plan.)

Do non-profit organizations receive a discounted rate?
Yes, the hosting rate is discounted. Please contact us for details.

Are there any other fees?
Domain name: The domain name needs to be renewed annually, generally in the range of $22.50 to $35/year depending on your domain registrar. See domain rates.

Web maintenance: You are able to directly update your web site without technical skills. However, if you require help with graphic design, page updates etc., the hourly rate applies. If you require ongoing assistance with website maintenance, a Maintenance Package may be cost-effective. See Maintenance Packages and hourly rates.

Do I need technical skills to update my web site?
No, the editor is much like using MS Word. You are able to easily upload and insert images, create links, add pages ... If you have skills in graphics or 
HTML, that is an added benefit.
Will I receive training to maintain my site?
Yes, a personal training session is included with each SiteApex installation.

How can I get support?
SiteApex contains support through:
  • context-sensitive help buttons
  • user guide
  • video tutorials
  • support ticket
  • toll-free help desk telephone
Is there a cost to add extra pages?
You can add unlimited pages at no cost. If your site becomes very large with a high traffic volume, you may need to upgrade to a higher level hosting 
In the initial design and setup of your site, we suggest that the core pages are professionally laid out and setup by our designers, which incurs a fee for our time. This gives you an excellent base from which to add more pages by yourself, without our intervention.
Can I preview my pages before publishing?
Yes, there is a preview page feature. As well, the page is not live until you press the "Publish" button.

What is a module?
A module makes it easy to managed specialized functions, for example the events calendar, or the photo gallery.
Do I need to install software on my computer?
No software installation is required. SiteApex is a hosted (online) solution. With your secure login, you are able to update the web site from any computer with 
Internet access.

Can I insert videos, Flash animation, audio ...?
Yes, there is a feature in SiteApex to help you insert multimedia files.

Can I copy/paste text from MS Word, into SiteApex?
Yes. However, MS Word contains embedded style codes which will override your web site style sheets. SiteApex contains a "Paste from Word" feature which 
erases those codes.

If I had to move my site to another server, do I lose everything?
Pages are portable HTML format. The page content is generated in a standard HTML format, which can be used on any web server in the event that you need to 
move the site.

If I need to redesign my site in future, what is the process? 
You can simply apply a new design and style sheets to your SiteApex web site.

Is there a fee per user? My organization has several people who would be administering the site.
No, you can set up unlimited users at any security level.

I would like to password-protect some sections of the site ie. for Board members, staff ...
SiteApex gives you the control to apply password-protection to any sections or pages in the site.
Is there a fee for SiteApex upgrades?
System-wide upgrades are free and automatic. SiteApex is continually updated to stay current with changing technology. In addition, you benefit from ongoing module 
Will search engines find my site?
SiteApex has a high level of accessibility: fast loading pages, search engine friendly page construction, pages are viewable in all major web browsers 
(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, etc).
You can control the "meta tags" for search engines, and OSM also provides Search Engine Marketing services.

Are there limitations for designs?
We have not found many limitations. Sometimes a design is slightly modified to work within the format that is standard with SiteApex modules.

I would like to work with my own designer, can my design be used in SiteApex?
Yes, we can work with designs that are supplied. Please contact us for technical specifications before starting your design, for example dimensions, file 
resolution ... 

What other options do I have for design?
OSM provides a series of free template designs, or our design team can create a custom image for you.

What are the pros and cons of using a template design vs. a custom design.
Template designs
Pros: a fast, cost effective approach to developing a web site.
Cons: other sites may have a similar design; you may likely need to make some compromises to fit within the parameters.
Custom designs
Pros: you can have a unique image which exactly matches your image branding.
Cons: it takes more time and budget to work through the process of creating a custom design.

What if I accidentally save a change that is not what I want.
Version Control lets you restore pages back 6 versions at the click of a button.

If I accidentally delete a page in SiteApex, can I recover it?
Yes, a deleted page can be recovered with ease from the Recycle Bin.

What if I need functionality that SiteApex does not have?
Each project is assessed individually. Many of our clients have customizations applied to SiteApex.

If I have a database of members or clients, can this be added to the SiteApex user groups?
Yes, there is a form where your database files (CSV or TXT formats) can be uploaded.

Can I add e-commerce later?
Yes, modules such as Shop Cart, can be added at any time.
I use a Mac computer. Will I be able to use Site Apex to edit my web site?
Yes, you will need to use the Firefox browser.

I may need to extend my site to display other languages in future.
SiteApex functionality supports multi-languages.

Currently I am using different software for each function, for example to manage newsletters, to create surveys, to blog ... Can SiteApex integrate this?
Yes, SiteApex integrates all your user groups and functions into one familiar interface.

How do I know that SiteApex is a stable, tested solution?
SiteApex has been in use since 2001, and is used by hundreds of sites from small businesses to large organizations. The features are robust and 
industry-tested. New features are incorporated through an onerous testing process, to ensure that current sites are not negatively affected.

How are decisions made about what SiteApex features to upgrade?
The SiteApex 'wish list" receives input from resellers, our internal consultants, and clients ...

Can I see a demo of how to edit in SiteApex?
Yes, you may wish to view the video tutorials at