OSM has built a solid reputation for providing quality products and service.

WEB MAINTENANCE PLANSAllow for consistent budgeting & cost savings

No need to hire your own internal staff. You can depend on the professionals at OSM Networks to keep your website fresh and current.CONTACT US today for the best in web development services for YOUR Websites

Our Website Maintenance programs allow you to budget for a monthly Website Maintenance package and rest assured knowing your website needs will be taken care of promptly.

By subscribing to a Website Maintenance Package, the rates you receive are significantly lower than our normal *retail HTML hourly rates.
We have two level of Service Agreements:
Website Content Update Series:
Too busy? These packages provide a support team professional at OSM to do your website updates for you!
Plan Monthly Price Average Hourly Cost Expected Time Allocation
Web Update Lite $120 $40 3 hrs /mo
Web Update Basic $285 $38 1 day /mo
Web Update Advanced $1,275 $34 1 week /mo


Maintenance Professional Series:
These advanced services for our larger customers, provide access to our senior resources on a prepaid, discounted basis. These resources are available to provide the following services:

- Consulting and Meetings
- Presentations
- Security Permission Updates
- Training
- Project Management
- Security Permission Updates
- Software Security Updates
- System Revision Upgrades
- Website Updates
Plan Monthly Price Average Hourly Cost Expected Time Allocation
Programming Package 1 $180 $60 3 hrs /mo
Programming Package 2 $448 $56 1 day /mo
Programming Package 3 $2,000 $50 1 week /mo
Programming Package 4 $7,500 $45 full time

*Regular Retail Rates:

HTML $45/hr
Design $60/hr
Programming $75/hr

Unused time rolls over to the next month.
All Packages are secured based on a 6 month minimum contract.
Rates Subject to change. Contact OSM Networks for current rates.