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Reseller: Case StudyAnne VanVlack, InfoLink Web Site Development

Why I became a reseller:

I became a SiteApex™ reseller in 2008, after being in the web development business for 12 years.

Over that time, we had used various content management solutions (Mambo, Adobe Contribute, our own version of CMS) in an effort to serve the evolving needs of our clients. Open source applications were used for photo galleries, blogs, forums, enewsletters etc.

The result was:

  • As we continued to add more applications for clients, their systems were not integrated; there were several systems to learn, each with separate logins.
  • We had to monitor, upgrade and patch all the separate programs and versions.
  • Open source solutions were not well supported, sometimes we had to stop using them and install alternative solutions.
  • There were often design limitations, and each application had to be independently customized to match the site.
  • We required a programmer to install, customize and upgrade the applications.
  • Supporting the multitude of applications was challenging, especially when there were staff changes.

The SiteApex™ system, with its continued automatic upgrades and dedicated support, has been a good choice. I can confidently deliver highly functional, customized websites to our clients, knowing that the support is there.